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What's the color of money

Does the dollar go up or goes the euro down? If only two currencies are concidered this can not be determined. By including the exchange rate of an other currency, for example the yen, a more clearer vision can be obtained. If both dollar and yen go down with respect to the euro, the conclusion is the euro goes up. If the yen stays the same, but the dollar is falling, the the euro isn't going up, but the dollar is going down.

On this page the relations between these three currencies is given by means of a color. The redder the color the stronger the yen. A green color means a strong dollar and a strong euro is represented with blue. The other colors rule when the euro is weak, this wil generate yellow. Magenta equals a weak dollar and cyaan is shown when de yen is weak.

There is also an extended overview of theExchange rates. We have also Interactive exchange rates that you can place on your website.


   violet red 3   
United States

The colour of other combinations can also be calculated. For example: AUD, CZK and PHP. With the form below you can create all possible combinations.


Copy the code below and insert it on your webpage if you want the color of the day on your site.

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